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Estimated Time: 3 Months

Difficulty: Mastery

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Adimuchinobi Chukwuma Adimuchinobi Chukwuma Author

Hi There! My name is Adimuchinobi Chukwuma. In 2019, I ventured into cryptocurrency. After that, I did so many things wrong and lost a lot of money investing in shitcoins and fraudulent BTC Investment schemes. In 2020, I took a different approach to trading and investment in cryptocurrency. I invested more in knowledge and trading system design. I learned a lot about trading systems, investing strategies and how to develop winning trading psychology. This helped me to become consistently profitable. To help many struggling investors and traders to become consistently profitable, I create a comprehensive course where I will show you step by step how to go from where I was to where you can become a consistently profitable investor.

Advance Crypto Course Masterclass Outline

Advance Crypto Masterclass



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Tools need for crypto Trading and Investment

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

How to Place Orders


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P2P Trading

Scheme Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading Sessions and its implications

Setting up personal Trading Structure

Designing a Trading System


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Trade Analysis

Technical Analysis

Trend Indicators

Volume Indicators

Momentum Indicators

Volatility Indicators

Trend Reversal Indicators  

Price Action Analysis

Market Structure

Fundamental Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

How To Design A Trading Strategies

Crypto investment Management Techniques

Algorithmic Trading and Future Trading

Advance Crypto Masterclass